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RAVSoft Solutions India (P) Ltd.
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Our core and proven expertise includes the following

PACS Software


  • Workstations
  • Storage Archives
  • Print Stations, Print Servers
  • Radiology Information System, Worklist Providers, Brokers, etc.
  • Middleware and Integration software between PACS systems, etc.
  • Other PACS sub-systems and PACS components

Modality specific Software


  • Film Digitizers - acquisition and transmission workstations, film duplication stations, digitizer interface toolkits, etc.
  • Digital Radiography - acquisition and transmission workstations, interface toolkits, etc.
  • Digital Mammography - acquisitions and transmission workstations

Standards based software

  • HL7 Toolkits
  • DICOM Toolkits
  • DICOM Validation Software, Troubleshooting Tools, Protocol Analyzers, etc.
  • DICOM Service Components
  • IHE Profile Workflow software

Medical Image Processing software & Toolkits


  • Image Enhancement libraries,
  • Image Segmentation libraries
  • Non-visual Anatomy Detection libraries
  • Non-visual CT Image Segmentation library
  • Non-visual CR Image Orientation detection library

Product Testing / Automation Testing


  • Functional Testing - Testing functional capabilities of healthcare applications, including testing of healthcare workflows across the enterprise.
  • Medical Imaging Testing - Testing of medical imaging applications like thin and think platforms viewers, PACS, Medical device Soft wares, RIS, HIS, Cloud applications.
  • Load and Performance Testing - Testing enterprise healthcare applications against load and performance benchmarks.